Bread at FoxDog!

One of Us Makes Bread!

And ohh, what bread he makes!

Randy became interested in making bread many years ago. He has refined his knowledge and technique and produces all the bread we eat at FoxDog. Not only does he make bread for the humans, but the FoxDog herself, Jaska, is fed a small amount of his homemade bread as part of her daily meal.

The bread of choice is sourdough. Randy has captured his own, unique, sourdough starter from the local environs. He's spent many days, weeks, months, years even, perfecting his starter. It lives in various places around the kitchen, depending upon the temperature and when it is going to be used.

Randy has also explored the history of breadmaking, and wrote a research paper about it for a local SCA event. The paper and subsequent presentation were well received and he became a Scholar of Dragon's Laire as a result. You can find the paper here (it is also listed in the sidebar). There will be more papers, and pictures, and recipes and more coming soon!