Rounds of Cheese

Being the Ramblings of an Inquisitive Cheesemaker

Welcome to the part of FoxDog devoted to cheese! Rikke, and a very enthusiastic FoxDog, do the cheese-making on the farm. They set themselves a curriculum of different attainments and different cheeses every year, in order to study the craft deeply. If you are interested in learning to make cheese, please examine the schedule on the menu to the right. Although the schedule is not hard and fast, it does give an idea of the succession of cheeses being made and about when each cheese might be made.

Here's a few quick tidbits of info:

  • I milk our goats and use that milk primarily for cheese and butter making
  • Our goats are Nigerian Dwarves and give a lovely high quality milk
  • I make all kinds of cheese as I strive to learn new techniques
  • I am also studying cheese-making from the past
  • When our goats are not producing enough, I mix our goats' milk with cream-top or raw cows' milk
  • My cheese-making season usually lasts anywhere from June/July to February/March, or later
  • I do not sell my cheeses, but I am willing to teach you how to make your own cheese
  • I do not currently sell our goats' milk, but I am willing to sell you a goat to make your own!
  • Cheesemaking in 2016 is slowly ongoing, as 2016 was something of a break.